Square dancing Dan in Denmark

From just outside Copenhagen

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Dan is a square dancing American living in Denmark since 1998, and currently dancing C3A. He enjoys reading and reviews books on his LJ blog. His favorite books are crime books, religious thrillers, books on Jewish themes and books on art, but he has been known to read all sorts of books. Dan has lots of opinions and shares them on all sorts of subjects.

Dan is a member of Granny's Square Dance Club (Sorø, DK) and The Diamond (Aalborg, DK), and routinely travels to dances in northern Europe (Denmark, Germany, Sweden). Dan usually manages to travel back to the USA for the annual IAGSDC convention, and was formerly a member of the following IAGSDC clubs-- ChiTown Squares (1987-89); Foggy City, Western Stars, Midnight Squares (1989-92); and Mermaid City Squares (1999-2004).